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Arthur & Phyl Dunne Memorial Trophy

The "Arthur & Phyl Dunne Memorial Cup" is an annual cricket match between Arthur's Knights and the Theatrical Cavaliers, where the team's founding member Arthur Dunne was an Honorary Member of the Theatrical Cavaliers awarded by it's members.

The match is a celebration of the foundation of Arthurs Knights, the lives of Arthur and Phyl Dunne, and cricket with our friends from the Cavaliers.


Walnuts-Knights Perpetual Trophy

Since 2001, Arthur's Knights and the Terenure Walnuts have completed for this annual Plate.  The Plate was organised by Arthur Dunne and Philip Whelan of the Walnuts.  

The two teams have a great association of the years and the Plate is a celebration of the friendship,members and cricket over the years.


The Arthur Deany Cup

Arthur Deany was a founder member of the Slammers Cricket Club, Captain and chief raconteur. He was also a member of Arthur's Knights, playing many many games for the Club, including touring with the side to Holland in 2012.

Arthur died in 2015 and the Slammers hold an annual Cricket Tournament remembering his life and his unique enthusiasm for the game of cricket.

Other participating teams include Slammers CC, Dalkey Archives, Theatrical Cavaliers.

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